Testing & Certification

Testing and Certification are mandated by OM-I, Technical Specifications, Inservice Test Program, insurance agencies, regulatory requirements or commitments, or other station internal programmatic requirements.

Accurate, safe, and timely testing is crucial for compliance with these regulations.

Technology And Capabilities

NWS Technologies contaminated steam test stands have the capability to test pressure relief valves up to 2800 psig at saturated temperature. Our boiler provides steam rated at greater than 98% steam quality. The two test stands have equivalent capabilities for all size valves up to 20” inlet and 24” exhaust. We have developed a proprietary test software for recording valve lift parameters on the steam test stand. This data includes valve set-pressure, lift profile, temperature profile, and other valve-specific data, as necessary.

NWS Technologies has the capability to test liquid, oil, air, gas, and nitrogen pressure relief valves. We have multiple test stands for a wide range of pressures and valve sizes.

Our test program is designed in accordance with ASME Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants, Mandatory Appendix I (OM-I), and ASME Performance Test Code PTC 25, Pressure Relief Devices.

How NWS's Test Program Can Help You

NWS can staff the test department 24/7 to support emergent customer needs and provide excellent service around the clock. NWS can support rapid receipt of the valve and testing to provide test results to station personnel in an efficient and timely manner.

NWS will generate specific test procedures and test plans for your specific valve. This will include your performance criteria as well as test processes. We work with you to ensure procedures meet all required standards, codes, and industry best practices. We focus on asking the right questions to ensure station-specific requirements are met.

Our expertise allows us to ensure valve testing is optimized to maximize in-service valve performance and as-found testing compliance with all codes and standards. No other company has this expertise with regards to the full scope of testing capabilities.

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